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During the last school holidays, which happened over the Great Blog Wasteland, I packed myself up and shipped myself over to Brunswick to have my quarterly Meal Without Child or Teach, and, on usual cohort S‘s suggestion, we ended up at East Elevation. Seeing as about half of the cafe’s population were there with their children, I have no hesitation in saying that this is a kid-friendly place to eat, and that I would haul mine over regularly was it not located on basically the other side of the globe. (I have a very sketchy notion of geography.)

East Elevation is really just beautiful inside; all metal and timber and exposed brick, and, of course, the giant chocolate making machinery exposed on the side that they use to make their in-house confectionery. It felt luxurious and dreamy, while still having wide open spaces and a chirpy cafe atmosphere and at least two high chairs. (Perhaps the feeling of luxury was because I got to drink my coffee without my drinking partner stealing my spoon and then pouring milk on her pants, but then S was having a good day that day.)

But the food–guys, the food. Not only the presentation, but those flavours. Unsurprisingly, I ordered avocado and mushrooms on toast, which they have as an actual option and not something I had to build out of spare menu parts. And gosh, when they do it specially, it really shows. This was by far the most sublime incarnation of the dish I have ever had. Perfectly ripe avocado. Gloriously flavoured mushrooms. Some kind of sprout thing. Spinach. Thick, glorious bread. Oh my, I was in heaven the entire time. As I recall it right now my lounge room is going kind of hazy like in movies when someone remembers an important moment in the past.

(There was some dispute on Twitter afterwards about the bread–it got a tiny bit soggy by the end, but for the first time I didn’t care, as the thickness meant it still had enough structure to contain all food. Then, it turns out some people LIKE soggy bread. I was suitably appalled. What do you like, Dear Reader? PS I will judge you roundly and loudly and report you for spam. I mean, cough, all opinions are welcome here.)

While sixteen dollars isn’t exactly cheap, this was absolutely worth the expense. The coffee was good, I recall, though I insisted the cups were smaller than usual and S maintained that, in fact, I had just drunk my coffee too fast and should perhaps not throw around such ridiculous accusations. Anyway, I had a second and that cup seemed normal. SHUT UP.

There is also a dedicated kids menu on offer with fancy things like croque garçon and oeufs coque, and you should probably get to teaching your kid how to order things in French because you will not want to share.

While I have since completely forgotten, Where’s The Beef report excellent entry conditions and a disabled toilet, and also took better pictures.


East Elevation

351 Lygon St

Brunswick East

phone: 9381 5575



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cafe jett

Happy New Year, dear readers! Here we are, alarmingly, in 2013. Last year was pretty huge–baby! interstate wedding! moving house! various Teach injuries! family and friends with health problems I desperately want to conjure away!–and this year I hope will improve for everyone. This is a year I don’t have any resolutions or plans, apart from: clean skirting boards more frequently; do not kill loud new neighbour; make the baby laugh because it sounds hilarious when she does.


We spent NYE down at Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula, in a relative’s beautiful home overlooking the bay, along with our pals Liz and Rory. Luckily, they are used to babies, so a howling Rocket was no particular surprise for them, and she was actually pretty good–she stayed asleep throughout ALL the fireworks, including those happening in the house a few behind ours, and then woke up when Teach closed the sliding door of the balcony at the end. BABIES, YOU ARE WEIRD. Anyway, we also made our own pizzas, watched about twenty episodes of Archer, and ate biscuits and chocolate until we all went to bed with a stomachache. A good night, really. The next morning we all woke vaguely early and drove on down to the foreshore to source some food that didn’t come in a foil packet or a 1.25 litre bottle. We hit up Cafe Jett, the place we often go when we’re down here, thankfully open and with a few tables waiting (half an hour later it was packed out.)


I ordered the Jett Dukkah Toast: tomato and avocado on toast with dukkah and olive oil. Look, I order this particular type of item all the time but when they have it on their menu especially, instead of me insisting on it being made up, it is always much better. They have the amounts just right, and their cafe-brand dukkah and olive oil are tremendously tasty. I’d wish for more toast, but the one piece you’re served is pretty chunky so I’m just being greedy. Chris was a little disappointed in his milkshake (not vanilla-y enough, he says), but was happy with his wedges, and Liz and Rory seemed pleased with their food too. But I did forget to ask, because I am self-absorbed and mine was delish.



The menu states no alterations on a few dishes but they’re generally pretty accommodating, and they’ve always been friendly; one time I ordered falafel and one ball fell as I was served up; that single escapee was replaced with three. The cafe was won awards for access: there’s a ramp into the place, and signage saying if you need any assistance with hearing or disability, just ask. There’s high chairs, a kids’ menu, and free wifi; they even sell clothes for young and old, and you can buy the dukkah and oil and so on as well. Also, if you’ve called your kid Jett, let them know and you get to join their club. Hopefully it involves free food.


Cafe Jett

197 Point Nepean Road


5987 1911


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