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merry cupcakes

We all love dessert. What a future this is where there are now tiny shopfronts that only sell macaroons/macarons/macaques thanks to Masterchef busting out that ridiculous tower; where cupcake places spring up all over the place for us to delight in. I’ve long been a fan of Cupcake Central, who always make delicious vegan cupcakes, but WHEEEEE now there is a new place for us to go to all the time: Merry Cupcakes! Located on Brunswick St in Fitzroy, a place full of so many amazing-looking people that you immediately hate your body and need to convalesce in a pile of icing, it’s my new favourite dessert option. The front window is always decorated in some exquisitely adorable fashion – at the moment it’s a giant, shimmering, 3D party-popper – and it’s all bright solid colours and excellent signage inside. All – ALL!! – their cupcakes are free of animal products and we have yet to taste a bad flavour, though I will always get Strawberry Fields Forever which has strawberry icing and a choc-chip base. Teach froths at the mouth over the Vanilla Ice (vanilla icing and base). Sometimes we get seconds, or some to take away. Er, sometimes we do both. And, enormous hurrah, they do lovely little babycakes too, so the Rocket has her own to hoover down in seconds before trying to scam some of ours. They make delicious coffee and (squeak!) iced coffee and chocolate which you can have with soy milk/ice cream if you want. The other day when we went I ordered a chai latte and they asked me if I wanted honey and I said no AND THEN THEY DIDN’T BRING HONEY. This never happens! I always end up with honey anyway! Also, and I’m babbling now, but they are the loveliest people, always friendly and chatty and never critical of my endless indecision (future self take note: you will just go the strawberry chocolate chip because YOU ALWAYS DO, stop DITHERING.)

Here is the Rocket eating a babycake we took to the nearby playground behind the Melbourne Museum. I’m sad I didn’t get any pictures of the shopfront, or the interior, or even any of their beautiful cakes intact, but let us save that for my post MERRY CUPCAKES 2: EVEN MERRIER.

Merry Cupcakes

261 Brunswick St


phone: 9416 3991


Small step on entry (I think?) No high chairs. Ordering at a low-ish counter.

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Before I had the Rocket, there was a lot of things I declared I would do as a Modern Parent. I can’t remember most of them now (clearly “forget everything” was on the list), but I do remember insisting that both Teach and I would do fun things away from each other and the Rocket to keep ourselves as People Who Are Not Just Parents. I assumed I would desperately want to do this, because I would frequently get sick of the baby. Turns out, my baby is awesome*, so this never really happened. One of us might take her out for a walk now and then, leaving the other to nap or what have you, and we do our separate things in the same house when she sleeps, but generally the only alone time either of us has is when we are at work, which, while we love our jobs, is not exactly peaceful. Now that she is ten months old and Teach is on holiday, I reinforced this declaration. We were to Do Things Alone, and also Have Dates. So since Christmas, we have seen two movies together (Life of Pi: depressing; Wreck-It Ralph: fun), and this week Teach went off to his pal M’s house to jam on Wednesday, and on Friday I went out with my friend Steph.

I was able to pick our destination, and I chose Laksa King–my dear friend Lian‘s most coveted laksa place–because it’s really inconvenient to get to, because Steph had never been, and because laksa is inconvenient to eat with a kid strapped to your chest, as it is splashy. So away we went to Flemington, whereupon I had my laksa (and got some on my new dress), and some mushroomy-tofu biz (I suspect it was made with egg though, sadface), and lo, it was tasty. The laksa was somehow not as good as my recollection of it from last year, but I would go back. Actually, I probably won’t as it’s the other side of town, but I’d definitely go if I was in Flemington for the races or whatnot (haha I’m kidding horse racing is pretty much the worst thing around.) To everyone’s relief probably, there are no pictures of my food. It was probably because I actually felt a little weird, sitting there eating my food in a relaxed fashion, not worrying if the Rocket was okay or if I’d flicked chili oil in her eye. The feeling of being without her, but not at work, was completely disconcerting. I missed her, but I was having fun. But I was a little lost.

Steph suggested we hop a tram and head to Ascot Vale and Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop for dessert. I adore Mister Nice Guy cupcakes–they sell them around the traps, including the cafe at Dymocks 234–but this place reportedly had other options. And again, it was at a location inconvenient when carrying around a baby that, mysteriously, keeps getting heavier over the months. But OH, I think I might make the trip anyway, because SERIOUSLY, yum. The layout is just peachy–a record player cabinet like my grandparents used to have, walls in that excellent retro minty blue that my nails are painted the colour of RIGHT NOW, and all this beautiful space inside and the food is amazing. They have the cupcakes, of course, but because we’ve both tasted a lot of the varieties before, we decided to split a scone (!) and a brownie (!!).

They served up the scone with Nuttelex and jam. I guess they would heat it if you asked, but it was thirty-seven degrees that day, so we did not. It was an excellent scone. The brownie has walnuts and is a fudgy delight. I took one home to Teach, and then I ate it. But to my credit, I let him have a bite.

While I didn’t have the Rocket around to judge the baby-friendliness of the place, other people there conveniently brought their own infants in as examples. There is a huge amount of space for prams, only a tiny lip at the door (which was shut), and they have baby cakes in many flavours. NOT TO MENTION, they also have 3D art on the walls (!!!) and supply you with paper glasses in which to view them in said dimensions. It’s basically great fun. And I want to go back and try the cinnamon buns, or maybe the cheesecake, or maybe just five brownies.

I also went out afterwards and tried on clothes (did you know it is easier to do that without a baby strapped to your chest?) and bought something suitably billowy to cover up the fact that my stomach is a disaster. So, all round, a successful afternoon, I’d say. During our laksa, Teach sent me a picture of the Rocket looking suitably anguished at my absence.

I’m glad we did it, and I’m hoping we will again soon, maybe before the holidays are up. But I am genuinely surprised that I don’t find these individual dates as necessary as I’d thought I would when I was pregnant. Maybe it’s because I have the privilege of a situation in which I have the opportunity to spend time on my own if I asked for some that I feel less inclined to do so. Other parents or guardians–what do you think? Do you spend much time on your own, and do you feel it helps?

Laksa King

6-12 Pin Oak Crescent


9372 6383


Flat entry. Pretty crowded interior, though you could possibly maneuver a pram through. Didn’t see any high chairs, but didn’t ask. Table service.

Mister Nice Guy’s BakeShop

51 Union Rd

Ascot Vale


completely vegan (though my most carnivorous friend Matt maintains you can’t tell), massively allergy-friendly. Order at a medium counter.


*Disclaimer: god, of course she cries and screams and stresses me out at inappropriate times like 2am or While I Am Driving On The Freeway, or sneezes her pumpkin all over my best clothes when I am feeding her, or pulls my hair to get her balance, and all types of things that aren’t awesome at all. But she has a killer smile.

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cupcake central

This is the first of what will be, presumably, about seven hundred posts about Cupcake Central. From their tasty beginnings near Glenferrie Station in Hawthorn, they have now spread to Melbourne Central and to other ventures, including Dessert 1st in Springvale and a company supporting female entrepreneurs, called The League of Extraordinary Women. Basically, it’s a cool place for many reasons. But number one is obviously cupcakes. And nothing is lovelier than a cupcake place that caters to those with food intolerances, which means in CC’s excellent selection, they always have a gluten free and vegan cupcake on offer, and they have yet to be anything but great.

However. Today’s cupcake was not great. GREAT is an understatement. I throw words like AWESOME around when it comes to how good I am at folding clothes, or making toast, so I should probably think of something better. Actually, I think the word I am looking for is PERFECT. Oh yes, I went there. Cupcake Central’s cherry and coconut cupcake is perfect. Not just for an allergy friendly cupcake. But for a cupcake.

And now I don’t have another one. This is the worst post ever.

Cupcake Central

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre

Dining Hall

211 LaTrobe St

Shop 7, 672 Glenferrie Rd


phone: 9077 4542


CC also does cupcake workshops, makes wedding cakes, and will say hi to you on Twitter.

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