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This is the first of what will be, presumably, about seven hundred posts about Cupcake Central. From their tasty beginnings near Glenferrie Station in Hawthorn, they have now spread to Melbourne Central and to other ventures, including Dessert 1st in Springvale and a company supporting female entrepreneurs, called The League of Extraordinary Women. Basically, it’s a cool place for many reasons. But number one is obviously cupcakes. And nothing is lovelier than a cupcake place that caters to those with food intolerances, which means in CC’s excellent selection, they always have a gluten free and vegan cupcake on offer, and they have yet to be anything but great.

However. Today’s cupcake was not great. GREAT is an understatement. I throw words like AWESOME around when it comes to how good I am at folding clothes, or making toast, so I should probably think of something better. Actually, I think the word I am looking for is PERFECT. Oh yes, I went there. Cupcake Central’s cherry and coconut cupcake is perfect. Not just for an allergy friendly cupcake. But for a cupcake.

And now I don’t have another one. This is the worst post ever.

Cupcake Central

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre

Dining Hall

211 LaTrobe St

Shop 7, 672 Glenferrie Rd


phone: 9077 4542


CC also does cupcake workshops, makes wedding cakes, and will say hi to you on Twitter.


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