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six months in

Six months ago I had a really bad day–I suspect any mothers who say the day their child was born was the happiest of their lives were on much better pain relief than I was–but every day since has been populated by this smiling little bunch of DNA her father Teach and I call the Rocket. I worried that having a kid would mean I couldn’t do any of the things I loved, but as we were always pretty low-key type people, we mostly do the same things, just faster (i.e. restaurants) or in specific places (i.e. going to the flicks). And I’m happy being a mostly full-time parent (I work in my old job as a bookseller one day a week), but GOD DAMN if it isn’t hard to think of new things to do or eat or anything. What the hell do you do with kids? Some days run smoothly, some days I wake up and cannot remember anything entertaining. If only I recorded them, huh? So here I am, doing exactly that, because I’ve always been far too entranced by the sound of my own voice. Er, typing. Here I’ll review places I’ve been for their general awesomeness and kid-capabilities, and things that are fun, and vaguely parent-related and whatnot. I happily accept questions and even happier-ly accept compliments and also massive cheques made out for cash yes thank you.


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