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There’s always some point during the school holidays when, after you realise your kid can say “Peppa” from Peppa Pig but not “mama” from, you know, her parent, that maybe you should engage in another outdoor activity. And few things are more outdoors than the beach. (Man, I am smooth at introductions.) Anyway, in the middle of the holidays we packed up and took off down to Teach’s dad’s place down on the Mornington Peninsula to stay overnight. The Rocket was mostly good for the hour-long trip down the coast, but became less happy as the sun went down and she couldn’t read the fifteen books we piled on top of her for the trip. Once there, she was stoked to see her Poppy and they rumbled throughout the house while Teach and I stole away to the Dromana drive-in for a fillum. (Short review of Man of Steel: no chemistry between Supes/Lois, death toll in the millions, movie was meh, Henry Cavill is almost supernaturally handsome but needs to work out less because he is too lumpy.)



I really can’t express how much I enjoy the drive-in. The diner is fifties-style and all the workers were dressed up. And you can talk loud during movies and no one complains, unless they want to be poked repeatedly for the rest of the movie. Sadly, you have to clean up your own popcorn when you throw it everywhere in excitement. And your car is generally a kid-friendly location, though we decided not to attempt it this time around. I did realise that with a kid suddenly you might need one of those giant station wagons so you can watch it from the boot, and maybe we shouldn’t have bought a hatchback this year and maybe I can take it back to the car yard for a refund because they didn’t mention this problem when we bought it, THANK YOU BURWOOD MAZDA.



The Rocket slept fairly well that night and the next morning we all piled into the car for the drive to Rye, where I’d been recommended a playground by the pier. I don’t have any pictures because Teach’s dad got his enormous paparazzi camera out and took photos instead, but it is HUGE. And there were kids everywhere, because what is it, school holidays or something? It’s maybe a touch too grown-up for Rocket-sized kids, but there was a treasure chest to put her in and she shouted to go down the slide like twenty times, so she had much fun. We strolled down the pier and lamented the freezing weather as the water looked divine. Gosh, I love the beach. I cannot wait to go back when it’s sunny and fling myself off the pier into a stingray.



For lunch I’d discovered there was a place called Raw on Rye, and steered us towards it. I’m not quite sure about raw food – I don’t really subscribe to the idea behind it (apart from it being vegetarian, obviously) and I’ve been mostly disappointed by it, but I’ve also had the best dessert that I have ever tasted (even from before my veg days) at a raw food place in New York called Pure Food and Wine. So I was willing to give it a go.



The set-out is good and friendly. There’s produce around the place, couches, mismatched chairs, lots of toys for kids and a high chair. I ordered the “cheese” platter for two (for two? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED) while Teach had nori rolls and his slightly alarmed dad ordered a quiche. Run by only one very nice person, the wait time was a bit long (you really notice this when you have a kid you need to entertain) and the food, while fine, still hasn’t really sold me on the raw lifestyle. My cheeses were not cheesy in the least but more like interesting dips for the seedy crackers, which is great because anything involving a cracker makes me happy. The prices were a bit steep – mine was, I recall, $16, and the bill for all three came in around fifty dollars including a juice and plunger coffee. The Rocket wasn’t interested in sharing any of our food, which was a surprise, but, you know, BABIES, they can’t write blogs so I don’t know what her problem was.


She slept on the drive back home, which means we missed out on the other place we were intending to go, as recommended by my friend Sarah – the McClelland Sculpture Park, which is just off the Peninsula Link freeway and is apparently great. Still, next time! And there will be many.



Dromana Drive-In

133 Nepean Hwy


5987 2492


Raw on Rye

2411 Point Nepean St


0418 940 653


McClelland Sculpture Park

390 McClelland Dr


9789 1671


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