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After a hardcore morning of throwing blocks about and chewing on wooden people, the Rocket will start looking wistfully out of the window and then will not be happy until we go out and do something. One of our favourite things to do is go bother a friend, and last Thursday we did exactly that: we travelled to North Melbourne to see our pal Jason, where we were going to stop at his place for morning tea while he took a bit of time out from painting. Unfortunately, we had such a good time that we basically stayed until nearly four o’clock, probably ruining all chance of him getting natural light and achieving anything. But too bad.

Once we’d had a coffee and some of the buttload of vegan muffins he’d made us–both banana and chocolate because he couldn’t decide which, a problem we helped solve by taking about twelve muffins home–we went out to a cafe around the corner from his place for lunch. Jason says he goes to Elceed a lot, and I can see why. Also I’m jealous because there’s nothing this nice around the corner from me.

It’s a lovely place and the service was great; they didn’t have a huge amount of choices for the supervegetarians among us but were more than happy to change things around. I got roasted cherry tomatoes with smashed avocado on sourdough (I will inevitably get something with bread and avocado when we go out, despite it being the one thing I am capable of making at home) and it was very nice, until I finished up all the tomatoes and realised that, sneakily, the avocado on its own was totally amazing. I don’t know what was on it–there were chilli flakes and, well, other things–but if I come here again, I’d just get that on toast and it would make me completely happy. Jason merrily scoffed down his chicken burger and a cup of tea and it was altogether a lovely afternoon.


I wasn’t quite paying enough attention re: the kid-friendliness when it comes to access, but it seemed pretty friendly; they didn’t bat an eye at the kid strapped to my chest. There’s seating inside, a courtyard with steps out the back and a couple of tables on the footpath. I can’t remember if there was a step into the cafe proper or a tricky door to negotiate–I think it stays open?–but you could probably get a pram in there. It’s table service, so you could sit yourself outside and have everything delivered to you. I imagine you’d have to pay inside–Jason was a terrible friend and paid for mine–but they may be able to help you out.



610 Queensberry St

North Melbourne

9326 8648



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