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I don’t know about you, but I find it ridiculously hard to go to the pool. It’s cold, it’s wet, and getting dry and changed is a pain. If I’m going to get fit (insert laugh track here), it’s something low-maintenance, like running. Well, walking. Well, strolling.

But then I had a kid and I wanted to take her to the pool, and not be a whiny pool-goer like her mother. So when she was about six months old, and I wasn’t so afraid of dropping her all the time, I took her to the pool. Now, we go about once a week, and it is EXCELLENT fun. Nunawading Aqualink, i.e. the nearest pool to us that isn’t currently under construction, turned out to be huge, with a bunch of space for kids to splash around in. There’s a baby pool, which starts super shallow so the Rocket can crawl around in it (she has figured out how to crawl at speed, and takes every opportunity to motor her way to the cat food, which she is so far unsuccessful at getting her hands in); the deepest part of that is about thirty centimetres, and there are some light fountain sprays and some little bubblers that go off every few minutes. It’s a good place to start, as the Rocket can sit up by herself and get used to the water for a bit before we go hang out in the deep part, going underwater like that baby on the cover of Nevermind and swishing about. One thing I love about the pool is that we always find a baby about the same age and end up floating towards them, or they float towards us, and then you make a new friend and they shriek at each other and one will splash the other who will cry. When I went the other day, and we’d made friends with a very cute chubby baby, I did my head-first underwater time with the Rocket, and the other mother saw and did the same trick with her baby (the idea is to not just get dunked and water up your nose, but to be smooth) – and it’s something I learned from my friend Sarah. Basically, it’s a good place to feel a sense of community, which is why I’m being ridiculous and reviewing a pool, as if you don’t all know what one is.

Now, will I continue to go in winter? LET US HOPE SO.

Aqualink Nunawading

Fraser Place

Forest Hill

9878 4576



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